Digital service for guests and staff

Perfect tool for your hotel, apartment or beach.


Guests can use the application in their phones to:

  • search all information about your facility

  • be informed about current events

  • order food and drinks from your restaurant

  • schedule the service or something from your offer

  • view your recommendations ...


  • Information about your facility

  • Digital tool for guest and host

  • 11 languages

  • Announcements

Who is using GuesTool?

GuesTool is very easy to activate and even easier to use.

small and large hotels

one and more apartments

all types of beaches


To see the prices change the number of accommodation units:

So far, few hotels have had their apps costing tens of thousands of euros, while hotel chains pay even more than that. Maintenance of such applications costs more than the cost of using the GuesTool service, with maintenance and support already included. GuesTool is equally accessible to small and large accommodation facilities.

You can use GuesTool completely free of charge, just increaseing the price by only 0.05€ -0.30€ per night, depending on the volume of work.

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How does GuesTool work?

  • Installation

  • Use

  • Efficiency

  • Quality

  • Info

  • Our offer

  • Service

  • You are dissatisified?

  • Front desk

  • Report a problem

  • Urgent

  • Food and drinks

  • Gallery

  • Recommendations

  • Messages

  • Reports

  • Reviews

  • Owners

  • Website

Guest app

What do you get?

Why GuesTool?

Because immediately after booking and before arrival, the guest can install the app and view all the info about your facility, contents, offer prices, recommendations, upcoming events and happenings. This means that they will plan better and possibly extend their stay.

Because you don't need additional equipment.

Because GuesTool is very easy to activate and to use.

Download to see all the possibilities in the Demo Hotel

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